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My name is Casandra Bellwick and training dogs is my passion. Before I founded PITT K9, I constantly had people coming up and asking me what my secrets were and if I would help them with their dog, even people I didn't know. They would compliment how well behaved my dogs were and wanted to achieve the same with their dogs. Some of them had been to several trainers and never had any real lasting results. I always agreed to help and I always solved their issues, I am proud to say that I also save aggressive dogs from being sheltered or euthanized, proving that any dog can be trained.


My balanced relationship based approach provides an education for both you and your dog, showing you how easy and quickly peace and harmony can be achieved in your household if you are struggling with behavior issues with your dog. I can show you how to build a stronger relationship and bond between you and your dog and educate you on how to elevate obedience whether behavioral problems have become an issue or you want to create a reliable and happy well behaved dog from the start. 


I have always owned numerous dogs throughout my life, all different breeds, ages, size, and gender, from my shih tzu to my mastiff and many in between. That is what initially sparked my passion for dog training. Through the years of pack ownership I have been privileged enough to experience first hand and learn canine pack dynamics. I regularly foster dogs in need of rescuing and currently am a proud pack leader of four of my own personal dogs, including a Belgian malinois and three american bulldogs.  Every one of my pets is an accepted member of my pack so they all live in harmony knowing that I am their leader and there is no battle for leadership.

I am happy to offer you one of the best professional dog training services in all of Northern Ontario. I will not waste peoples time or money and all I ask in return is that you are committed with the training process and once educated you put in the time and put in the training. Consistency is the only way to achieve real lasting results with your dog. Before taking you on as a client I encourage you call and interview as many trainers in the area as possible. I encourage that you make a decision that best fits your needs and desired outcome. 

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I have a very simple philosophy. I believe that training dogs should be fun and innovative with a balanced, positive, and science based approach with zero conflict. I believe that you can never know too much, you should never stop learning, and that dog training is a life long journey. As such I am always studying the latest in training theory, new methods and techniques, all practiced by some of the best dog trainers in the world. For years I have been and continue to research canine behavior, learning theory, and psychology. I am constantly evolving and I don't allow my ego to stand in the way of my professional dog training journey which is one of the reasons I pride myself for going out of my way to attend professional dog training seminars, workshops and work with other professional dog trainers locally and abroad to learn everything I possibly can. I have experience with behaviour modification, aggression, fear and anxiety rehabilitation, obedience, agility, PSA, dock diving, protection training, and more.

 Whether you have a sport dog, a working dog, or a companion dog, I can provide you with a balanced, zero conflict, positive, and science based approach that actually works in the real world around everyday situations and distractions. If you truly want an obedient and reliable dog in any and all situations at home and in the real world, I can help you achieve this with real lasting results. Real results is at the core of everything I study, teach, practice and do. Dog training is a skill, a science, and an art, and I have been happy to dedicating my life to mastering my abilities to be able to help others with their canine companion and dog training journey. 

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