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Our mission at PITT K9 is to help and educate every dog and owner that comes to us and treat them with nothing but respect. We strive to be life long students and never stop learning or evolving and to always improve our abilities. We pride ourselves in striving for a reputation of providing a service of more than what is paid for and always striving for 100% satisfaction from every single one of our clients.

Image by Josh Hild

We aim to use revolutionary dog training methods and techniques to help reduce the amount of dogs sent to shelters, the number of dog bite cases, and the amount of dogs being euthanized each year in the Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas. 

Whether you have a rescue dog, a brand new puppy, an older dog, a young adolescent dog developing bad behaviors or maybe even aggression issues, or a working dog like the Belgian Malinois or the German Shepherd that require a higher level of mental and physical stimulation, you will most likely face some challenges that will require you to seek the help of a professional dog trainer. 

Our proven training methods and techniques, customized dog training packages and experienced dog trainers can give you the education and tools necessary to help you reach your own personal dog training goals. We teach both dog and owner to overcome typical dog behavior challenges and we help to enhance the bond between you and your best friend. Our professional dog training services include puppy foundations, obedience, controlled dog socialization, behavior modification, elite off-leash obedience, aggression rehabilitation, and more. 

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