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Training a Puppy


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Our zero conflict dog training method is a system of modern, positive, science based and balanced dog training techniques and tools to make you and your canine companion successful in any and all situations. Our training programs are created to meet the individual needs of you and your dog, regardless of breed, age, size, temperament, or behavior issue. They are all designed to suit your specific training goals and are each adapted to suit each dogs learning process. 

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One of the ways we achieve real lasting results is NOT by bribing your dog into doing a desired behavior but rather to reward them for making a good decision and a job well done. This positively reinforces the desired behaviors we want and encourages your dog to think for themselves and make positive decisions on their own. We achieve this with creating motivation through food, toys, play and praise. We do this in the conditioning phase and throughout the training process. We attain this through consistency and accuracy for correct timing and application, in combination with creating obligation by using an appropriate correction for negative and undesired behaviors or failure to comply with a known command. This excels the learning process to achieve reliable and real lasting results that transfers into the real world anywhere and everywhere. This is how we are able to excel the training process and achieve real lasting results.

We achieve real lasting results and gain true success by proofing the training in the real world. We do this by putting your dog in new situations and not always training in the same environment.  Consistently training in the same familiar environment only proofs your dogs training in that environment. This is not realistic or consistent with your everyday life.  By training out in the real world in real situations you would encounter in real life with real distractions, this completely proofs your dogs training anywhere and everywhere. 

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